Aptos Par Three Golf Course, CLOSED 2000
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Aptos Par Three Golf Course, CLOSED 2000

2600 Mar Vista Dr, Aptos,California,95003
Type: Public
No. Holes: 9
Detailed description

Aptos Par Three Golf Course, is a Public, 9 hole golf course located in Aptos, California.

Aptos Par Three Golf Course opened for play in 1962.

Aptos Par Three Golf Course plays to a 9-hole par of 27. This is a good course to practice your short game.

Aptos Par Three Golf Course closed in 2000.

Although the property has not been used as a golf course since the end of 1999, the Aptos Par 3 was a 9-hole golf course for more than 35 years, and it will be thought of and referred to as the "Par 3" property by most residents. This is where many locals and visitors learned to play golf; where beginners of all ages, seniors, and the physically-challenged, all, could enjoy their sport at their own pace. The Par 3 is where parents and grandparents could spend hours playing alongside their children and grandchildren on a course that was challenging, but not overwhelming.

All of the 13.7-acre Par 3 property, as well as surrounding properties, belonged to the McFadden family at one time. In 1983, 6.2 acres were sold to Grant Wrathall. Upon Mr. McFadden's death, in 1997, his portion of the property, 7.47 acres, passed into a trust for his children.

In 1962, the McFadden family installed a 9-hole par 3 golf course, but subsequent installation of the freeway made access difficult, and business declined after that.

In 1977, Mr. McFadden entered an agreement with Howard Menge, for the operation of the golf course. The Menge family, continued to rent the property and operate the golf course until 1999.

In 1997, David McFadden died; his wife had died a few years earlier. Many recall that David McFadden said he wanted the Par 3 property to always remain open space, and, in fact, the entire 13.7 acres has, for many years, been zoned for parks, recreation, and open space.

The undisturbed setting of the property has fostered a home-site for Monarch butterflies, Allen's hummingbirds, red-tailed hawks, deer, and other wildlife.