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Ozzie Osborns Par 3, CLOSED 2011
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Ozzie Osborns Par 3, CLOSED 2011

17081 S Mountain Rd, Santa Paula,California,93060
Type: Public
No. Holes: 9
(805) 933-9930
Detailed description

Ozzie Osborn's Par 3, is a Public, 9 hole golf course located in Santa Paula, California.

Ozzie Osborn, a retired Navy Seabee loved golf. He loved it so much that, in 1995 he did something about it.  He designed and singlehandedly built his own nine hole, par 27 golf course.

The course plays to a nine hole par 27,  and maximum 9-hole distance of 1,020 yards. The longest hole measures 175 yards. Each hole has two small greens, many guarded by bunkers, so for wishing to play a double loop 18 holes, you can hit to alternate greens. 

The course closed in 2011. The back-yard golf course is now a paint-ball venue.