Lahontan Golf Club
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Lahontan Golf Club

12000 Lodgetrail Dr, Truckee,California,
Type: Private
No. Holes: 18
(530) 582-9919
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Lahontan Golf Club, is a Private, 18 hole golf course located in Truckee, California.

Lahontan golf course opened in 1998. The par-72 course was designed by Tom Weiskopf.

Lahontan is not a target golf course nor does it have a lot of long forced carries. The generous fairways and large greens will allow golfers to keep their ball in play. Lahontan's courses are special because every time you play, you see something new. It's unique design and attention to detail magnificently married with its beautiful natural surrounding will rank Lahontan among the finest golf courses in North America.

Lahontan Golf Course plays to a maximum distance of 7,214 yards for a course rating of 73.7 and a slope rating of 138.

Hole #1. Stop for a moment and take in the dramatic views of the thick carpet of conifers in the foreground and the Pacific Crest range between Tinker's Knob and Silver Peak with Granite Chief in the distance. This is a 415-yarder, dogleg right with a well-contained fairway. While the fairway drops 50 feet, it's a gradual descent to the generous landing area. A dominant ponderosa pine in the left center of the fairway gives you the perfect line from the back tees. From the forward tees you can aim toward the greenside bunkers. The large, fairly open green is gently contoured and even has a right side mound that will help kick your shot back onto the green. The prevailing left to right wind also helps you home. All in all, a great confidence builder for everyone.

Hole #2. A long 585 yard "true 3-shot" Par 5. One of Tom's favorite holes, it has representative elements of the entire community: huge trees, wetlands and Gooseneck Reservoir to the right in a picturesque valley surrounded by forested hills. It can be demanding due to its length and the reservoir hugging the right side of the fairway. Starting with a great tee shot, you'll plan your 2nd shot around a huge bunker on the right in the landing area. The more you challenge the bunker, the easier your 3rd shot will be. Stay to the left and you're tested by the reservoir on the left side of the green.

Hole #3. A medium length, 175-yard Par 3 that features plenty of trees, grass, sand and water. This is an open bowl of a hole with a mountain lake on the right and fabulous views all around. The Lake shouldn't bother you on your way to the large tri-level green. Shoot long and you could find one of the two deep bunkers behind the green. If you favor the left side, friendly mounds will help guide your ball back down onto the green.

Hole #4. A very beautiful, very unusual 370-yard Par 4 that puts you in the middle of a mature forest of extraordinary trees. After a slightly downhill tee shot, it's an uphill dogleg. Be sure to avoid the fairway bunker near the landing area on the left. You'll be challenged both mentally and physically on your 125-yard 2nd shot, which is also 25 feet uphill onto a semi-blind elevated green. Don't be fooled by the built-in illusion here. Two strategically placed bunkers in front of the green make the pin look closer than it is. Choosing the right club to carry these two bunkers is the key to making par or birdie. The 2nd shot will always play longer than it looks.

Hole #5. At 215 yards, it's Lahontan's second longest Par 3. It drops 15 feet to a well-bunkered green. You'll want to favor the left side, but be wary of the black rock outcroppings to the left of the green. The tee shot plays a club shorter than the yardage. Most of the trouble on this hole lurks left, right, and behind the green. A photo op : Enjoy the delightful color contrast between the black rocks, white sand and green grass.

Hole #6. Your journey from the fifth green to the sixth tee will include a wonderful view of Gooseneck Reservoir and the Lahontan Valley. Appreciate the view because at 460 yards into the prevailing wind, this is the course's longest and most difficult Par 4. It starts relatively mildly with a forgiving tee shot to a generous landing area with two fairway bunkers on the left. But look out, your exceedingly challenging second shot must avoid a right side bunker and a scenic, but potentially troublesome lake on the left side of the green. With a dramatic backdrop of Lookout Mountain, the scenic lake and the thick stands of trees, this will be one of Lahontan's most talked about holes.

Hole #7. A medium length 545-yard Par 5 that can be reached in two shots by stronger players. The dogleg left fairway is flanked on both sides by big pines and firs. There is no water to worry about, but keep in mind the large bunkers on the left of the landing area and to the left of the green. You'll want to stay right to get the best view of the somewhat unusual green. This expansive, undulating green has two ridges that divide it into three sections producing a wave effect. These lively contours will put your chipping, pitching and putting skills to the test.

Hole #8. This 435-yard, Par 4 is one of Lahontan's most unique and scenic holes because it marks the first appearance of Martis Creek, the year-round trout stream that winds through the course. There are also stunning off-site views of Martis Peak and Juniper Hill with Mount Rose and the Carson Range in the distance. While Martis Creek doesn't affect play, its sight and sounds will certainly enhance your enjoyment of this hole.

On your 1st shot, you'll have to concern yourself with a prominent tree in the left center of the landing area that resembles a slingshot. The smallish green is nestled at the end of a sharp dogleg left, so you have a definite choice here. Be adventurous and sneak your shot to a narrow area left of the tree and You'll have a shorter more direct approach to the green. The landing area to the right has more room for error, but leaves a more difficult approach to most pin positions. The green is protected by two bunkers front and back right. The strategy choices and the park like setting will make this hole a popular subject for discussion.

Hole #9. A very interesting and distinctive finish to the first nine holes plays across from the Martis Creek meadow and features a spectacular view of the Lodge and Spa. Potentially driveable for strong players, this shortish Par 4 offers plenty of options and plenty of trouble at only 300 yards. Fact is, you can have a variation of four strokes depending on your risk / reward strategy and how well you play. Drive the green and make an Eagle two. Make a mistake or two and you'll end up with Double Bogey six. Your first choice is whether to play left or right of the large trees in the middle of the fairway. The high side of the fairway is to the right, the low side to the left. The huge green makes a great target if you can move the ball from right to left and the conditions are perfect. Trouble lurks in the abundant bunkering. There are more here than on any other hole. While the green is large, its exceptionally rolling contour puts pressure on your pitching and putting expertise. Between holes don't forget to take advantage of this great vantage point that showcases Lahontan's spectacular natural beauty.

Hole #10. After soaking in the views of Lookout Mountain and savoring the other scenic pleasures at The Turn, you're ready to begin a relatively long, uphill 430-yard, Par 4. Even though it's only the hole without a bunker, You'll experience sufficient complexity from tee to green.

Hole #11. A strong Par 3 at 205 yards, it's all carry over the preserved wetlands to a distinctive kidney-shaped green that's neatly tucked into a hillside. Protected by a deep front bunker, the comfortably large green borders on the Martis Creek Wildlife Reserve. Because it's only a 110-yard carry from the forward tee, this hole can be a rewarding favorite for players of all abilities.

Hole #12. Surely destined to be one of Lahontan's most memorable holes, this 600 yard, Par 5 personal favorite of Tom's starts in grand style with a spectacular tee shot. Your first and second shots cruise downhill through a gorgeous wooded valley. To keep the cruise from getting rough, you ll need to stay clear of the big tree near the landing area left of center. There are also two bunkers on the left. Obviously, the task is to stay right to set up a perfect second shot. The green is reminiscent of the 18th at Congressional. A lake that sits behind and to the right of the green can be delightful to the eye, yet devilish to an errant shot. As you play this hole, you'll be pleased to know the wonderful views of the Martis Creek Wildlife Reserve will be preserved forever.

Hole #13. This is the beginning of a truly sensational finishing sequence of two Par 4's, two Par 3's and two Par 5's. These last six holes will give you numerous opportunities to either pick up a few extra strokes or lose a few trying. Although only a short 360-yard, Par 4, its uphill tee shot over a severely undulating fairway can prove rather demanding. The best bet is to drive over the waves to a plateau landing area, then hit across a swale to the sand surrounded green. Nestled in an amphitheater of towering ponderosa pine, this glorious green is a prime example of Lahontan's high country beauty.

Hole #14. If you like living on the edge this is the hole for you. Described by Tom as one of the most unique holes he's ever had the opportunity to create, this long, downhill 435-yard, Par 4 is highlighted by continuous panoramic views of Martis Creek meadow, the Main Lodge set into its rocky hillside and far beyond to the Pacific Coast Range. Resting atop a rugged ledge there are volcanic rock outcroppings framing the left side of the fairway. Your second shot plays along The Altar where a pull to the left will compel your ball to disappear fifty feet down through a ribbon of festive aspens and into the meadow below. A directional bunker 300-yards out on the right will help you stay the course. Even with an unforgiving left side, the breathtaking green setting does offer some protection. There's a left side bunker to stop you from bouncing over the ridge and a mound on the right that will kick your ball back onto the green.

Hole #15. Now that you've survived the ledge-rimmed 14th, you have a kinder, gentler Par 3 version here on the 15th. The course's longest Par 3 at 235-yards, its striking mountain range backdrop masks what is still one of Lahontan's more difficult holes. Teeing off from The Altar, you have less of a downhill drop than the preceding hole and a bit more room on the left. When trying to stay right, be careful of the bunkers along the right side of the green. A series of distinctive, gnarled pine trees mark the sides of the fairway. The ample green is bordered by Martis Creek on the left. Player friendly mounding will help keep your ball on the green. The relaxing sounds of Martis Creek should work wonders for your putting game.

Hole #16. The second consecutive Par 3 is the shortest, most compact of all holes. Choose your club wisely because it's both a 155-yard and a 30-foot drop from the hillside tee to the petite green below. Your shot will split two huge sentinel ponderosa pines that frame your approach. A classic all or nothing hole, you don't want to go left, right or overshoot the green due to the challenging combination of Martis Creek, wetlands and heavy bunkering. Adding to your enjoyment is an extraordinary view of the Martis Creek Wildlife Reserve.

Hole #17. The first of the two finishing Par 5's, this is a heady 620-yards uphill. Also the longest of the course's Par 5's, it has a bunker in the tee shot landing area that will give you something to think about from the very start. Your second shot gives you a couple of great alternatives. The wetlands that hugged the right side of the fairway now split the fairway making you decide between playing the left or right fairway. The correct option is dictated by the pin placement and wind conditions. To make things even more interesting, the split-level green has false fronts on the left side and at the rear. At true thinking hole, if you make the right decisions it will be 620 yards of pure pleasure.

Hole #18. The shortest Par 5 and the final hole in the course's very unusual 4-4, 3-3, 5-5 finishing sequence. At 520 yards, it should provide many Pars plus intriguing possibilities for some Birdies and perhaps even Eagles. A good tee shot negotiating the rather narrow fairway is critical. An old silvered Wolf Tree stands silently behind the green becoming an outstanding target that will guide you from tee to green. The backdrop of neighboring Lookout Mountain is a spectacular sight you will take with you into the clubhouse. Your second shot must accommodate the cross bunkers that guard the front of the green. If you're strong enough, you can carry these bunkers and reach the green in two, for a possible Eagle and a probable Birdie. After your grand finale, you're ready to enjoy the warm, friendly atmosphere of the Main Lodge just a few steps away.