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Lake Hills Golfers Club, CLOSED 2004
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Lake Hills Golfers Club, CLOSED 2004

10001 W 85th St, Saint John,Indiana,46373
Type: Semi-Private, open to the public
No. Holes: 27
Detailed description
Lake Hills Golfers Club is a Semi-Private, 27 hole golf facility located in Saint John, Indiana. The facility has three 9-hole golf courses. These courses can be combined in pairs to form three different 18 hole course challenges. The nine-hole courses are The Back Course, The Middle Course, and The Front Course.

Lake Hills Golfers Club first opened for play in 1965. The courses were designed by Charles Maddox and Frank P. MacDonald/

All three courses have been naturally routed through trees, over valleys and around lakes and marshlands. The three courses have hilly fairways and undulating greens. Each of the three nines are different in their own way. The Middle Nine Course has small greens that are elevated. The Back Nine Course is heavily tree lined, and the Front Nine Course has out-of-bounds stakes that come into play on six holes.

The Front/Back Course has six ponds that come into play on eight holes.

The Back/Middle Course has five ponds that come into play on seven holes.

The Middle/Front Course has three ponds that come into play on four holes.

Lake Hills Golfers Club closed in 2004.