Sibley Golf & Country Club
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Sibley Golf & Country Club

11th Ave E, Sibley,Iowa,51249
No. Holes: 9
(712) 754-2729
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Sibley Golf & Country Club is a Semi-Private, 9 hole golf course located in Sibley, Iowa.

Sibley Golf & Country Club first opened to play in 1929.

This well-maintained, very scenic course is bedded with many trees and has three beautiful lakes that bring out panoramic views.  The elevated greens are large sized, fast, undulating and several are two-tiered, while the semi tree-lined fairways are narrow width, flat and filled with moguls.  

The greens are quite large. Even if you are on the green, you may still be a long way from the hole. Trying to leave your long putts close to avoid three putts is imperative to scoring well.

The course plays to a 9-hole par of 36 and maximum 9-hole distance of 3,345 yards.

With three different sets of tee offs, you can play the course to fit your level of skill. However, from the blue tees, the course looks and plays differently.

# 1, Par 4, 413/351/328 yards
A creek runs through the left side of this hole, and a bunker is on the left side of the fairway. Stay right on this hole, but not too far right, or you will find yourself with tree trouble. The first green is rather large, creating some long putts if you aren't accurate on your approach shot.
# 2, Par 3, 204/185/150 yards
The hole is wide open, but being straight is key. There are small hills around the green that slope down to the hole, so even a shot that isn't right at the pin has a chance to get a nice bounce and roll down to the cup.
# 3, Par 5, 505/488/452 yards
Water and a bunker line the right side, but don't go too far left, because you may find the out of bounds stakes. Once you are to the green, a large green and bunkers await. There is a bunker on the left and two smaller ones on the back side, so the key to this hole is being accurate. The green is long and narrow, but hills on the right side slopes down to the green on a shot to the right side.
# 4, Par 4, 360/340/323 yards
Off the tee there are large hills and a bunker on the left side, and water on the right, creating a narrow landing area. Going right down the middle is the best, but once again, selecting a smaller club and laying up wouldn't be a bad idea if you can't control the driver. Don't be long to the, a big drop off on the back side would create a difficult shot coming back to the green.
# 5, Par 5, 590/520/450 yards
This is the longest hole on the course. The water on the right might create a problem, but shouldn't be an issue for most. Both sides of the fairway have small rolling hills -- or moguls as they are called -- which creates another small landing area down the center. Once you are past the moguls, the rest of the hole is wide open. With a bunker short left, two on right side and one on the left of the green, it takes another good shot to approach the green. The green is longer than it is wide, so accuracy is key.
# 6, Par 4, 415/380/330 yards
This a dog-leg right with the creek running through the hole by the green. If you are a long hitter, you may reach the water, but otherwise, it shouldn't be a problem on your first shot. You will have to clear it on the second shot as you approach the green. To be in good position for that approach shot, you'll want to be close to the left side to be wide enough to cut the corner. The green is rather large, but a bunker protects the left side. A ridge on the green can make for some tricky putts, and small hills on the back left and right can be a challenge.
# 7, Par 4, 385/363/307 yards
This a blind tee shot fairway. This hole has a fairway crest, creating a downhill shot to the green. Once you are over the hill, it's just a short shot down to the cup. The hole is a slight dog-leg, so being down the right side is best. There are small hills along the left side of fairway with trees lining the right side. There is a bunker along the right side of the green, and the green is challenging. It is two-tiered, with the back right higher. There is a drop off from the back side, so being short is better than being long. The key to scoring well is making sure you are on the correct tier on the green and not putting from one to the other.
# 8, Par 3, 152/138/127 yards
This is the shortest hole on the course. At 152 yards at the longest, a mid to short iron is a welcome shot off the tee. The left side is lined with a bunker, and trees line the right side. The green is large and deceptively flat, so don't overplay the break on this hole. The key to scoring well is being straight and accurate on your shot into the green.
# 9, Par 4, 405/363/334 yards
This a straight par-4. The ninth is a good hole to end on, and the key is being straight off the tee to avoid trouble on the left.