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Instructor / OhioGallowayScott A. Pealer, PGA
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Scott A. Pealer, PGA

Course: Mentel Memorial Golf Course At Bolton Field
Position: Assistant Professional
Phone: (614) 645-3050
I grew up in Northeast Ohio playing every sport you could think of except golf. As luck would have it, this gives me a unique perspective, because I've personally been where most of you are at. The majority of people who end up becoming golf pros started playing at a very young age, therefore they often lack the understanding for the frustration we all face in this game as adults. Eventually I picked up golf in my late 30's and absolutely fell in love with it, but I wasn’t very good. Ultimately, my failures were outweighed by my desire to succeed, which fueled my passion to not only improve, but to excel. I took the learning techniques from my other sports experiences and applied them to golf. As it turns out, that practical knowledge rapidly blossomed into significant improvement, and ultimately into a career. Not long after, I found myself teaching golf at The Ohio State University and then subsequently founding the MMGA.