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Instructor / OhioWestlakeSteve Scott, PGA
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Steve Scott, PGA

Course: The Outpost Club, Raritan, NJ
Position: Tournament Coordinator/Director
Phone: (267) 885-5569
Steve Scott is the PGA Head Golf Professional of The Outpost Club and Founder of the Silver Club Golfing Society. The Outpost Club is an invitation-only, national golf society in the United States. Modeled after historic golf societies in Great Britain, it does not own a course but members can play more than 70 events each year at Top 100 courses around the world. The SCGS is similar to the Outpost Club, but is more geared towards competitive play amongst single digit handicaps. Both societies treasure the history and traditions of the game where camaraderie also plays an integral part.Steve not only has a passion for the overall business and teaching portion of the game of golf, but he has enjoyed appearances as on-course commentator with PGA Tour Live, Golf Channel and FOX Sports, both as an in-studio guest and live instructional contributor. He is also a contributor in print publications such as Golfweek, Golf Digest and PGA Magazine. He still enjoys competing and does so frequently in PGA Professional events in the Carolinas PGA Section, where he won the 2018 CPGA Championship as well as the CPGA Player of the Year honors.