Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of foretee.com?

foretee.com is a tool for golfers to alert other golfers about golf courses, the great, the good, the bad, and the ugly. This is really a "golfers helping golfers" community website.

2. Why do you want to know the day of the week and time of day?

These questions are tied to the cost of play. We ask for the month, day, and time, as well as the price. The reason we ask these questions is to help out all golfers. Prices at courses vary by time of day, day of week, and month. By finding out from real golfers how much they paid, a golfer checking out a course should have a very good idea of the pricing. This helps avoid "those embarrassing moments" As an example, you might have played one of the great Orlando, FL courses in the summer for $40. It was such a great price and course, that you call for a tee time when you are back in Orlando in February. When you arrive at the course (oops) the winter rate is $140. The questions asked regarding cost and month, etc are to help us all avoid such surprises.

3. What kind of comments should we make when ranking a course?

The answer can be asked with a question, what kind of comments would be helpful for you if you were visiting an area, had time for a round of golf, but did not know where to play? The answer would probably be, to tell a bit about the course, and then compare it to other courses in the area.

For example, There are 4 courses within 15 miles. For a quick round, play course X, an excellent par 62 executive layout in the $25 range.

If you want a good par-72 regulation course in the $35 range, play the course I am ranking now, course Y. Course Y is the one to play, and the one I play most often. This course is always in great shape except after heavy rains.

When I want to treat myself, there is course xx and course xxx in the $50-$60 range. I prefer xx to xxx because of the layout, challenge, and attitude. But in the $35 range, you get a great round at course Y. If necessary, hit one club down for control. The narrow fairways guarded with thick woods will cost you strokes. Play it smart of end up with a high score.

This type of comment would very much help the traveling golfer figure out which course he might like to play and would be an example of a helpful comment.

4. Why does foretee.com ask for name, email address, city, and state?

Answer 4. We ask for your name and email address for several reasons. a. If there are obvious errors or conflicting comments in your ranking, we may send you an email asking for clarification. b. Providing a name tends to lead to better-written and thought-out comments. c. So that we can send you our award-winning golf newsletter, Off the Fringe, sent every two weeks.

We ask for your City/State so that readers can see if you are rating the course as a local, familiar with area courses, or if you are rating the course as a visitor to the area.

5. How often can I rate the same course?

You can rate the same course once every 7 days. Play on a Saturday and rank the course. If you play again at the same course a week later and there are reportable changes, flooding, aeration, greens under repair, etc, this would be helpful and timely information to share with other golfers. Please rank the same course as often as every 7 days to alert other golfers to changing conditions.