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Instructor / OhioGahannaBryce Twente
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Bryce Twente

Course: The Golf Depot At Central Park, Gahanna, OH
Phone: (614) 861-8200
I am a Golf Fitness Professional. I take a wholistic approach when it comes to the golf swing. The body is required to do move in multiple different ways all in a proper sequence to hit a golf ball. I teach you how to do this more efficiently by creating proper movement within your own body,I help you become stronger, more flexible, and increase your club head speed . I educate you on the human body, how it works, and effects our ability to play golf. I instruct you to become a more knowledgeable and skillful golfer. We become a team.With me you will see a decrease in any joint pain you have, feel better before and after a round of golf, increased longevity for your game, develop an increase in confidence for your golf abilities, and shoot lower scores!,Join my Community through Golf and learn how to enjoy Pain-Free Golf!