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Austin M. Graham

Course: Windmill Golf Center, Macedonia, OH
Position: Assistant Professional
Phone: (216) 831-9400
Playing professionally for 12 years around the world and competing on various tours has allowed me to create the best teaching and playing dynamic for my students. I pass along what I have learned from hall of fame instructors such as Jim Flick, Mike Malaska, Ron Stockton, and Phil Blackmar to everyone I work with.Being a player as well as an instructor, I understand both sides of the game and how to improve in all areas from course management to the full swing and short game. Golf is more than just hitting a ball, it is learning how to play the game, how to score, and how to deal with the different circumstances that occur in every round you play.Together we will work on all areas of the game from course management and the mental game, to the short game and having a “go to” shot you can rely on. I help my students create a plan that involves drills, tasks, and ultimately enjoying the process of improving. Due to my teaching style, people walk away with a better understanding of their swing and a new excitement for the game. I look forward to meeting you and helping you reach and surpass your goals!