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Instructor / OhioZanesvilleKelly J. Morrow, PGA
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Kelly J. Morrow, PGA

Course: The Golf Lab, Zanesville , OH
Position: General Manager
Growing up in Southeastern Ohio in a golfing family, Kelly Morrow fell in love with the game at a young age. Morrow remembers a Friday morning Junior League that was conducted by Logan Bowman, a PGA Professional who Morrow would eventually work for. "I remember many of the PGA Professionals in our area, and I remember how cool I thought they were. I knew a PGA Professional is what I wanted to be." said Morrow. After graduating from Miami University Morrow went straight in to the golf industry and quickly became a member of the PGA of America. Morrow has been living and teaching the game ever since. While Morrow has served as the General Manger of EagleSticks Golf Club for the past two decades, teaching is his passion. Always striv