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Instructor / PennsylvaniaFarmingtonMike LaBella
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Mike LaBella

Course: Nemacolin Woodlands Resort
Position: Director of Golf Instruction
Phone: (724) 329-6111
Michael LaBella is an award-winning golf coach who has built his academy into one of the “Best Schools and Academies” rated by Golf Digest in 2022. He has advanced certifications in the art of coaching, ground reaction forces, golf functional movement/golf biomechanics, skill acquisition, routine development as well as mental game training. Mike teaches players of all levels, from beginners to professionals. He has taught students who have gone on to play at the collegiate level, mini tours, and the LPGA. Several players have risen to be highly ranked in the Golfweek Junior Rankings, AJGA Polo Rankings and the Junior Golf Scoreboard Rankings. My passion is coaching, seeing my students improve, and growing this beautiful game we all love. I joined this platform with one goal in mind, and that is to broaden my reach to those that are seeking to play their best golf yet. Throughout my 15-year coaching career I have worked with players of all ages and abilities including nationally ranked juniors, amateurs, collegiate and tour level players. With each and every one of them we laid out their blueprint for success. Before doing so we had to form an open line of communication and lay out all goals and expectations between both parties. It is my goal to create a “team” atmosphere with all of my players; you are not alone and deserve to have the best coach in your corner. If you want results, you can’t find a short cut or buy a magic formula, improvement takes persistence, dedication, time and most importantly trust. There is no straight line to success but with the right tools, coach, and plan, we will find success. I guide you through this process while ultimately making you the best golfer you can be. Let’s get to work! My proven programs have assisted hundreds of golfers reach their goals including: -New personal bests -Handicap lows -Club, regional, state and tour level wins -College scholarships -Most importantly… further enjoyment of the game!!! What I offer: - Full Swing - Short Game - Putting - Course Management - Mental Game - Tournament Preparation - Practice Plans - College recruitment guidance - Functional movement and biomechanic assessments - Speed training - Virtual Coaching Awards: - 2023 – 2024 Golf Digest Best Young Teacher Award - 2022 Golf Digest Editors’ Choice Best Schools & Academies - 2021 – 2022 Golf Digest Best Young Teacher Award - 2019 Top 50 Operation 36 Coach - 2015 U.S. Kids Golf Top 50 Honorable Mention Mike states “Let’s swing YOUR swing, there is no time for wasted movement, let’s be efficient,” through proper assessments, and understanding how to use the ground we can develop a swing that is specific to the player, is more efficient and yields more consistency in strike, ball flight, and clubhead speed. Mike’s programs have a focus on the following: 1. Through assessments our goal is to gain an understanding of what the players can and cannot do to allow us to build a swing with the proper matchups and movements. a. BioSwing Dynamics Assessment b. TPI Assessment c. Smart2Move Force Plate Ground Forces Assessment/kinematic Sequencing Assessment 2. Build a more efficient swing with no wasted movements... The less inefficiently moving parts, the less we need to add additional movements as compensators. From here we can be more consistent with strike and speed generation. 3. Have Dynamic Rhythm – maximize the sequencing and flow of your swing. 4. Maximize Stike 5. Developing a strong short game 6. Scoring – understanding how to master your way around the course. Notable Learning Experiences: Butch Harmon, Randy Smith, Chuck Cook, Hank Hankey, Mike Adams, Warren Bottke, Martin Chuck, David Lapour, Scott Cowx, Lou Guzzi, Mike Bender, Craig Harmon, Megan Padua, James Sieckmann, Kirsta Dunton, Andrew Rice, Dr. Kwon – TWU, Eric Handley – PSU, IJGA