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Instructor / PennsylvaniaLatrobeTalon J Kriebel
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Talon J Kriebel

Course: Glengarry Golf Links
Position: Assistant Professional
Phone: (724) 423-4653
Talon's golf journey began at the age of 21, where he embarked on a remarkable path that saw him turn professional within just two years. As a seasoned professional, he has not only participated in, but also emerged victorious in the competitive world of golf. His experience is not limited to elite players; he has successfully worked with golfers of all skill levels, from absolute beginners to seasoned professionals, spanning all age groups. Talon's knowledge and expertise in the world of golf have been shaped by his close mentorship with top 100 instructors in the nation. This invaluable experience has profoundly influenced his teaching methodology, guiding him to emphasize the concept of the golf swing as a fluid motion, rather than a rigid, positional approach. By understanding the essence of the golf swing as a dynamic, athletic movement, Talon helps his students unlock their true potential on the golf course. Talon's true passion lies in helping individuals like you achieve their goals within the realm of golf. By booking a session with him today, you'll embark on a journey to become a better golfer, guided by his extensive experience and unwavering dedication to your success. Elevate your golf game and start achieving the results you've always desired with Talon by your side. Lessons take place at Glengarry Golf Links and Mulligans Indoor Golf located at Glengarry.